Business Model

Established since 1989, Senheng is the largest retail chain of consumer E&E products in Malaysia

  • Wide presence with 120 physical stores across all states in Malaysia
  • Comprehensive products with 280 renowned brands
  • Online channels through Senheng App & e-commerce platform
  • Also present on leading third-party online marketplaces


Senheng’s Seamless New Retail Model aligns 9 key aspects of new retail concept for seamless efficiency and customer experience

  • Product
    All products are available across online and retail stores 
  • Pricing
    Consistent product pricing across all physical and online stores
  • Inventory
    Central Distribution Centre (CDC) serving as main hub, integrated to seamless retail platform
  • Logistics
    Centralised model since 2018 enables efficient logistics from CDC to regional hubs and last-mile
  • Payment Mode
    Multiple modes of payment across online and physical stores
  • Repair & Service
    Offers repair and services for all products
  • Loyalty Program
    Valuable PlusOne loyalty program for members satisfaction, including additional warranty coverage and exclusive benefits
  • Promotion
    Consistent promotions and discounts displayed across online and physical stores
  • Benefits
    Sales personnel are incentivised for sales across physical store, telemarketing and online platforms for consistent customer service delivery